Thursday, 2 May 2013

How do they get away with it?

In the district of Columbia, 56.1% of murders are unsolved. Although this figure is lower elsewhere, it gives some indication that people are getting away with things. If we agree that match-fixing is actually harder to prove than murder, then who knows what match-fixing is gotten away with across sport in general.

Here are two ways that I believe sportsmen and women could have gotten away with match-fixing:


If a player wins, he is rarely suspected of match-fixing. For instance, in snooker, if a certain excellent player backed himself to lose through anonymous accounts/a broker, - a poor performance could result in an investigation. But if he bets on himself to lose, with the intention of then laying off his bet when his opponent's odds decrease and thus increasing his own odds to win - now that's clever. He could win the match and everybody is none the wiser.


A player wishes to be sent off/get out in cricket. He/she uploads 20k onto sporting index through a friend of a friend of a friend. A player then spreads 5k worth of liability on four different matches in four different countries (only one is the bent game). One of them miraculously shows 50k worth of profit whilst the others win and lose relatively small amounts randomly. Very difficult to detect.

There are a few others but I must keep them to myself. This blog is not supposed to help match-fixers stay ahead of the game. It is actually to warn of the dangers of gambling and getting into bed with criminals. I imagine these ideas are being discussed round a table in poipet as we speak!

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