Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Off The Chest - Confessions of Match Fixing in the Premier League

Hello World,

This blog will give some updates about Off The Chest and match-fixing in general. Off The Chest is my story about a retired Premier League footballer who chose the wrong path.

This is the story of a Premier League footballer whose life hit rock bottom after he succumbed to a cocktail of gambling, womanising and drug-taking. In a vain attempt to break the cycle of debt, he commits to the ultimate act of treason for a footballer - match-fixing. He successfully breaks the shackles but will have to live forever with the consequences. Many of us can learn from his terrifying example. 

I am grateful I can tell my story. There was a time when I didn't think I'd make it.

To enjoy Off The Chest you do not need an advanced understanding of gambling or even football. Just know that greed is a core emotion. When we have one of something, we want two. I had a million reasons not to want two million but there was only one solution - to bet more. This, as you will hear, got me into a little bit of trouble along the way!


For those who actually want some content. Here is a poem I wrote:

I have achieved nothing, do you feel the same?

We're all just bluffing in a high stakes game.

Cliche I know but move on with your life;

Seek to improve it with your kid or your wife.

If you're taken by the 'mind-meth', there's really no way out.

Now waken from blind death, be happy no doubt.

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