Thursday, 4 April 2013

Book released

I am pretty damn happy that Off The Chest has been released. It's been a long journey to get it out there. Match-Fixing is enormous at the moment. Corruption is being exposed in Zambia, Lesotho, Holland, Ireland,  south Africa, Lebanon, Singapore, Malaysia and much more. Off The Chest was written to expose the level match-fixing has gone to - the biggest league in the world. People think the Premier League is untouchable but EVERYTHING has a price. We like to gamble high, very high. And sometimes the only person willing to offer credit in low times is a match-fixer. Of course his true colours are not known immediately (sometimes they are) but the gambler just wants to get out of a hole.

I know of 20 footballers who gamble at extremely high stakes. There are bets being placed and poker games being played which would make your eyes water. But it's all relative. The problem is that greed is universal and so is hunger...and desperation.

FIFA, EPFL, Transparency International and UEFA should strongly consider Off The Chest as a educational tool for footballers. They want some of this. They will identify with the struggles I've had. I've passed it to a few and the response so far from those who've read it has been excellent!

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