Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Why match-fixing will only become a bigger problem

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As I have stated on twitter, my aim in educate the masses on the dangers of match-fixing since I have the inside track.

I have spent quite a while in Asia and I have come to learn the government's view on crime. In short, they turn a blind eye to the lesser evils. The same is true with match-fixing. I think that governments, federations and international police services allow match-fixing to continue because the alternative is far worse. It is all over the media about match-fixers such as Raj Perumal and Dan Tan, the black mafia in India/Dubai and criminal gangs in Eastern Europe. These are not football and cricket experts - they are criminals who value a human life at less than £10k. These people could easily be involved in human trafficking, money laundering (which is associated with match-fixing as well), drugs and even hire-to-kill. But they choose match-fixing as prosecution is difficult, set-up costs are low and those willing to be involved often have no choice. The match-fixer can be three or four times removed from the crime ensuring a degree of safety. If federations but more importantly, government and international police services wanted rid of match-fixing, they could. But they value other crimes as more serious.

However, what they fail to take into account is that the criminal world is likely to be linked. Those profiting from match-fixing can build a bankroll in order to fund far more lucrative projects. And yet, the stakes involved in football alone are enough to satisfy any match-fixer for life. Also, the stakes are only getting bigger. Soon, the Premier League football prices at kick-off will be as liquid as the financial markets (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration). But since people trust SBObet, 188bet and IBCbet more than most of their banks, how long before people start 'investing' in football prices and trading accordingly. This increased liquidity tips the risk/reward ratio in favour of the match-fixer. 

I fear for sport as a whole. If football continues to be cleaned up, another sport will be chosen. NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA will be next on a grand scale. Snooker, Horse Racing, Darts, Tennis and Football are already tainted. The others have had few and far between cases.

We shall see. 

In Off The Chest, I chose Cedric to be the villain who is based on a true character with a different name. A criminal of the highest order. 




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